The Anchorite. Richard Whitby and Oliver Brignall. 13.07.2020

13.07.20: 20:00 BST

The Anchorite was conceived as a new musical performance with integrated video and was originally intended to be performed live at South Kiosk in March 2020.

In remote form, the work combines video content with improvised playing in a lyrical musical work focusing on an extremely wealthy individual preparing for an apocalyptic endgame, designing and equipping a safe-house within which he will be interred.

The work will explore themes including the radical empathic detachment of the super-rich, climate change and political upheaval. Composer and singer Oliver Brignall and artist Richard Whitby will experiment with improvised guitar and synthesiser, song, found texts and musics, CGI, physical models and field recordings.

The Anchorite was performed live on at 20:00 BST on the 13th of July 2020

Richard Whitby makes videos and performances, and writes. His artwork often includes animation, improvised performances and music. He studied at Wimbledon College of Art and the Slade and took part in the LUX Associate Artists Programme in 2012/13. He has a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies from the London Consortium. In 2015 he completed residencies with CCA Glasgow and Seoul Museum of Art. His book ‘The Jump Room’ was published by The Old Waterworks in 2018. In 2019 Richard completed a major commission for Jerwood and Film & Video Umbrella, resulting in a film called 'The Lost Ones'. Richard is a member of Artists’ Union England.

Oliver Brignall is a composer and a tenor. He read music at Canterbury Christchurch University and holds a PhD from Brunel University. Residencies and premiers include Britten-Pears 2013, Mahogany Opera ‘Various-Stages 2017’ (opera - Palace Of Junk), V&A artist in residence 2017/18 (opera - ROLES with Metta Theatre), LSO Soundhub Associate 2017-19, PRS/Riot Ensemble (new work, with Mira Calix) 2020. Singing recent/forthcoming; Coyote Nahasdzáán - WP, Pécou (Ensemble Variances & Opera De Rouen), Iro Il Ritorno d'Ulisse (Longborough Festival Opera), Duncan House - WP, Zwicki (Plus-Minus, Ensemble Lyndenskab, Tete a Tete and Klang Festival Copenhagen).