INSOMNIA. Leah Clements. 02.12.22-29.01.23

Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm

Thursday 01.12.22, 6.30-8.30pm

Location: South Kiosk London

South Kiosk is pleased to present INSOMNIA, a solo exhibition by Leah Clements. INSOMNIA will be Clements’ first exhibition of photographic work, looking into the emotional and psychological effects of insomnia-related sleep phenomena and sleep paralysis, through ambiguous, grainy and in-depth photographs, accompanied by vocalised image descriptions.

INSOMNIA reveals the surreal or paranormal side of being estranged in one’s own home. Body and mind thrown out of time, between hyper-alertness and loss of consciousness. In these images, there are shadows lurking, eerie lights flickering, water, silence... Taken at night when the atmosphere drops and in the blink of an eye, the hinterland is revealed.

Clements’ work often suggests this otherworldly space as a collective alternative to that of the present sick body. In INSOMNIA this will be further explored through integrating creative access adjustments into the artwork, the exhibition-making process and the public programme.

Leah Clements’ practice includes performance, installation, writing and film to develop a language of chronic illness and disability.

Curated by Mariana Lemos.

This project has been supported by an Arts Council England Lottery Project Grant.

A full public programme will be announced in November.

Image description: A grainy analogue photograph of a figure in the distance, through two open sets of doors in the centre, at the end of a series of empty rooms. The room we're in though is domestic but dark. Plants, a computer, and a table are just visible in the gloomy night. An eerie light shines on the figure, dressed in black. They stand with their body facing the left, but turning their hooded head slightly towards us. We can't distinguish their face, but we know they're looking at us. Their arms hang, not without tension, at their sides, and one of their hands is glowing with such a bright light, it glows in a stream across the floor towards us.