Into Frame. Alex Culshaw, Sun Park, Barry Doupé, Rhea Storr.
20.04.20 — 17.05.20

Programme 4
11.05 - 17.05 | Complete
Rhea Storr

Programme 3
04.05 - 10.05 | Complete
Distracted Blueberry;
Barry Doupé

Programme 2
27.04 - 03.05 | Complete
Now and There, Here and Then;
Sun Park

Programme 1
20.04 - 26.04 | Complete
The Ripple;
Alex Culshaw

Into Frame was an online screening programme initiated at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For four consecutive weeks we invited an artist to present a work online accompanied by a new text or interview.

20.04.2020-26.04.2020: Alex Culshaw - The Ripple 

The Ripple (2019) is a short film based around concepts of collective storytelling and mass hysteria. The film focuses on the 2015 incident in which forty pupils simultaneously fainted during a Remembrance Day assembly at Outwood Academy in Ripon, North Yorkshire. As no specific cause was identified, there was an immediate torrent of assumptions and speculation. The film uses local children to retell the story, and examine the media and community reaction.

Young actors, dancers and performers from Ripon and the surrounding area took part in filming between the 9th and 14th of July 2019 at the Ripon Amateur Operatics Society. The choreography and movement was led by Rees Dance. The performances were filmed by Alex Culshaw and Wayne Sables, and the music was composed and performed by Benji Jeffrey.

27.04.2020-03.05.2020: Sun Park - Now and There, Here and Then 

Now and There, Here and Then (2018) is a conversation between two women while they wait for the sun to set in one place and rise in another simultaneously. 5000 miles and 9 hours of time difference are compressed within a single-channel video. Layers of digital frames capture celestial times reminding us of the geographic distance. Flattened worlds find another dimension through a conversation between the two

04.05.2020-10.05.2020: Barry Doupé - Distracted Blueberry, guest curated by Wil Abale from WAAP Vancouver 

Distracted Blueberry (2019) follows a performance art band through a series of poetic encounters. Masculine tropes are undone to form a relationship between male sexuality and the human death drive. The body, violence and humour are positioned in the larger context of nothingness and somethingness, bridging a tension between externalized anxieties and the terrors of nature. Evocative of inner emotional states, strange landscapes exist as reflections of our shared dreams and nightmares.

11.05.2020-17.05.2020: Rhea Storr - Henry

Henry (2017) is an interrogation of an image, an intimate examination of a stranger's face. Henry is the artist's grandfather. The film examines a portrait, which was painted from a photograph after the man himself had died. Henry was made to look a little older. The film describes the portrait to the man, asking how we might approach reanimated images when they are passed again through the film body and projected digitally on the screen.