South Kiosk is a Peckham based art space with a focus on the exhibition and screening of moving image work. 

Founded in 2013 by Dave Charlesworth, Ben Evans James and Jake Biernat. South Kiosk is a not-for-profit organisation.

There is a projected video to the left, a flatscreen tv on a stand in the middle and a second projection on the right side of the frame. On the right side is also a person facing the screen.

Access information:
There is a 6cm ledge followed by a 22cm step down into the gallery for which we have a portable ramp if required.
There is seating in the gallery.
There are accessible toilets in Copeland Park.
+44 (0)780 876 9595
South Kiosk London
Unit DG.1
Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane,  London
SE15 3SN

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